Save the World
Global Forum 2018

Emergency Relief and Global Partnership


The natural ecosystem and the global environment are shelters for human lives and provide necessary resources. Today, global climate change is threatening the natural ecosystem and has serious repercussions on human society. In many parts of the world, climate disasters due to climate change has become daily routine now, and the disaster scale is increasing. In this regard, it is urgently required to establish systematic preventive and reactive measures against climate disasters. Developing countries with inadequate response systems suffer more disaster damage.

Saving lives of those who are in disaster risk, promoting welfare, and protecting human rights call for a multilateral cooperation system such as building partnerships between the nation and civil society. Also, building global partnerships and networks are required in this global age.

The purpose of climate disaster response, which is saving lives, promoting welfare, and protecting human rights, and the countermeasure, that is, the establishment of global partnership can be seen the same in the ideology and direction of the UN SDGs. In addition, the UNFCCC states its standpoint that adapting to the damage of climate change is an important value. Furthermore, active participation of private organizations and civil society and building partnerships with governments and international organizations are more necessary than ever.

Through this forum, we will explore the role and scope of NGOs and civil society in responding to climate disasters in the era of global climate change. At the same time, we will discuss in depth the ways to build cooperative relationship and partnerships with governments, global society, and international organizations.