The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation launched the Save the World Global Forum, a global forum to save the world in crisis.

Search for sustainable cooperation and innovative solutions

The world is rapidly developing thanks to the fourth industrial revolution, whereas all sorts of dangers such as climate change, environmental contamination, various disasters, diseases, and poverty threaten human lives and the stability of communities and countries. The WeLoveU has made diverse efforts to achieve the UN SDGs such as easing hunger and poverty, improving health and welfare, and protecting the environment. Through this forum, we search for sustainable cooperation and innovative solutions to realize the future of well-being with global leaders from many walks of life.

Implementation of common global goals

International organizations, governments, NGOs, world-renowned scholars, and specialists in politics, economics, society, and culture gather to discuss detailed solutions to global issues such as human rights protection, life quality improvement, and peace promotion, and to practice cooperation beyond nation and generation.