A one-time blood donation can save three lives.

Actions to be Taken
for Sustainable Life-Saving Efforts

Let’s Do It Together!

Sign Up for Saving Lives Campaign

Support Pledge
for Worldwide Blood Drive

for Sustainable Life-Saving Efforts

Saving lives is the most urgent and critical task that each and every one of us should join forces and take action in unity.
To take joint action in sustainable life-saving efforts in order to save people whose lives are in danger due to lack of blood, and to enhance people’s awareness about the value of life, and thereby contribute to building a brighter future for everyone, I hereby pledge as follows:

    1. One, I pledge to be a responsible citizen who values life and participates in blood donation.
    2. One, I pledge to participate in the Worldwide Blood Drive (whole blood donation or apheresis donation) at least once a year, and thereby contribute to the promotion of Voluntary and Non-Remunerated Blood Donation (VNRBD).
    3. One, I pledge to actively promote the importance and need for blood donation at regional and global level, and also cooperate in establishing a global life-saving effort network.

Thus, I hereby pledge to participate in the Worldwide Blood Drive launched by the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation.

** Sign Up for Saving Lives Campaign is currently being carried out in 51 countries worldwide. (Korea, USA, England, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, Peru, Brazil, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Spain, Argentina).

Let’s Do It Together!